The start of The Islanders…

Welcome to the wonderful world of Amy Mason. There will be writing, there will be drinking, and there will be falling over. Got loads on at the moment. Excited to be working with Kevin Walker, the Happenstance technologist in residence at Spike Island, on a postcard show for open studios over the bank holiday weekend.

Theme is ‘Wish You Were Here’ and I’m writing text which will cover the backs of 20 postcards designed by studio-holders. Each postcard will contact a RFID chip and will link to online content when you hold it over a reader.

At the moment I have written 20 different ‘postcards from the Isle of Wight’ – all different, but all something I could have written when on holiday with my boyfriend 10 years ago.

This trip is something I’m writing about loads at the moment. It started with my commission from the Spike Island Associates to write a piece responding to Nowhere Island. This commission led to me talking lots to my ex, Eddie, and noticing how our memories of our Isle of Wight trip varied.

I then put a proposal for a show to Sharon Clark, Literary Producer at Bristol Old Vic, and she accepted it (provisionally). So hopefully Eddie and I should have a show there for Ferment at the end of July…

It seems to happen so often that commssions/opportunties come along that have a similar theme…it’s a bit weird. At the moment it all seems to be islands and the seaside.

BUSY. But things are good. And come to Open Studios if you can….it’s always ace.


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