So The Islanders was selected to be a part of Ferment at Bristol Old Vic. The idea was to write about mine and Eddie’s trip to the Isle of Wight, but as I wrote I realised the interesting part was, perhaps, less the trip and more our lives as teenagers (we lived in a bleak bedsit at the time we went away). Anyway, that’s the way it seemed to turn out as I wrote. I sent Eddie and Jim the script and they began to write songs – Eddie’s songs are often pretty funny so it made an odd and interesting contrast to some of the bleaker stuff. Eddie arrived from Berlin about a week before the show and we rehearsed like mad. It felt like the staging should be really simple, with a screen to show photos (including the title card which is pictured here) and films. I made a few short films from edited YouTube footage – almost like fantasy holiday videos – and included some of our old photos. It was really exiting to be working with two people with such different skills to my own, as well as the team at Bristol Old Vic…it felt like we were only just beginning to touch on the possibilities of the telling our story as theatre.


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