Development – woop!

After Ferment Bristol Old Vic said they’d be interested in developing the piece and found us a director – Tanuja from Sleepdogs . They suggested we apply for Grants for the Arts to fund a week of rehearsal. We got it! And spent last week (19th-23rd) rehearsing – culminating in a little scratch performance to an invited audience. It was amazing to work with a director and experiment with different ways to stage the piece….and I even managed to avoid having a nervous breakdown (thanks to Tanuja for that). We included a couple of new songs that were a lot more ‘proper musical’ – one even has the lyric ‘Somewhere Over the Solent.’ Yep. The stakes seemed higher this time and it wasn’t enough to just to ‘do it’ – we wanted it to be amazing. We also had someone filming us – it will be interesting to watch it back and to see what I think about the new staging. Below are a couple of photos of us rehearsing.


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