‘A brilliant debut. Fresh, lyrical, fearless, and very funny.’ Emma Jane Unsworth

‘Truly original and exciting – a must-read.’ Viv Groskop 

‘The Other Ida is a rare and special book full of compelling stories that feel wholly true and characters who are flawed, vulnerable and yet powerful. It is a book full of poignant truths and I loved it.’ Kerry Hudson

‘Raw and powerful with a rich seam of black humour’ The Sunday Mirror 

‘A great, grubby debut’ Diva 

‘A warm journey of soul-searching in a world where everyone thinks they know you’ 4 stars The List

‘Tension, claustrophobia and melancholy are well realised in story of sisters coming to terms with their controversial playwright mother’s death’ The Guardian

‘Who could resist this ballsy, often very funny debut?’ The Oldie 

‘The characters are not only incredibly well observed, but richly realised’ The Lancet Psychiatry

‘Mason’s accomplishment in The Other Ida is to fold an intriguing exploration of selfhood inside a mystery-come-family drama and to compel us to read on to the surprising but plausible dénouement, both in spite of and because of Ida Irons, her self-destructive heroine’ We Love This Book


‘Their story is not quite a celebration, nor is it quite a lament. It’s full of echoes and memories, a thing assembled with love, like an old mix-tape, dug out of a drawer and played years later.’ ‘Must See!’ Show The Stage 

“Tonight we discovered a genius called Amy Mason… Find her. Watch her.” Dawn O’Porter

It’s easy to look back on your adolescent years with either a fuzzy warm ‘wonder years’ style nostalgic gaze or alternatively to squirm at the memory of the sheer awkwardness of it all. Amy Mason’s The Islanders manages to poignantly combine both perspectives in a piece which feels both personal but also entirely universal.’ 5 stars Whats on Stage 

Moving between Mason’s spoken-word monologues and Argos’ equally naked songs counterpointing her version of events with his, this is as raw as it gets as well as charmingly poignant and funny’. The Herald

The Islanders’ charm, simplicity and story help it to stand alone.” 4 stars The Skinny

“I loved The Islanders – it’s funny, it’s profound, it’s sad but most of all it’s true. It captures with heartbreaking honesty the sweet self-destruction of two souls too in love and too young to function in the real world.” 4 stars Broadway Baby

‘Gorgeously lo-fi musical.’ 4.5 stars The Public Reviews 

‘As a very personal story about the beginning and end of a formative relationship, The Islanders is heartfelt without ever being overly-emotional…but as an exploration of whether even our shared experiences can ever belong to us jointly, or just to each of us separately, this is a show that will stay with you well after you leave Amy and Eddie’s company.’ 4 stars A Younger Theatre 


‘Very funny…A unique and original critique of religion, religious ritual and worship.’ 4.5 stars The Reviews Hub. 

‘A hoot…Big themes, big thoughts, delivered with divinely deceptive simplicity and no self-flagellation: I’m a convert.’ Bristol 24/7 

‘Clever, funny and intensely thought-provoking.’ The Fine Times Recorder

‘Highly original in format…an evening of considerable warmth and charm.’ StageTalk Magazine.


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