The Islanders

2013-03-18 09.31.03

‘Their story is not quite a celebration, nor is it quite a lament. It’s full of echoes and memories, a thing assembled with love, like an old mix-tape, dug out of a drawer and played years later.’ ‘Must See!’ Show The Stage 

The Islanders is a lo-fi musical, written and performed by me, with music written and performed by Jim Moray and Eddie Argos (Art Brut). You can listen to the soundtrack and download the script on our band camp here 

The show began as a Bristol Old Vic Ferment scratch commission and was co-produced by Show and Tell. It was a winner of the Ideas Tap Edinburgh award.

Below is some text about the show from the Bristol Old Vic website.

‘In the late nineties, teenage couple Amy Mason and Eddie Argos went on holiday to the Isle of Wight. Thirteen years on their memories of the trip vary wildly.

Through stories and songs they try to make sense of an island, a holiday and relationship that have become absurd in the retelling.

Funny, refreshing and ultimately moving, The Islanders is a show that’s about memory, first-loves and growing up that weaves words, sound, music and story.’

The below photos were taken during the course of performing The Islanders – some during rehearsal for Ferment, some in Edinburgh, and the above image is from the illustrated version of the script, published by Nasty Little Press.

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