The Other Ida


10714297_10152355568427047_4740569779994073180_o“A brilliant debut. Fresh, lyrical, fearless, and very funny.” – Emma Jane Unsworth

“Funny, bright, bold and exciting. Sparkles with originality and insight.” – Viv Groskop

“Ida will ‘always do what needs to be done for fun, and adventures and art.’ Relish her story and Amy Mason’s sensuous writing. Both have a dazzling spark and a delightful bite. I love this book. It is a winner.” – Tiffany Murray.

Almost 30, entirely irresponsible and frequently drunk, Ida Irons returns home for her mother’s funeral. It’s the first time she’s been back, or seen her younger sister Alice, in many years.

 Their mother was the caustic, secretive playwright Bridie Adair, who named Ida after her infamous play. While Ida has been struggling to escape its shadow, Alice has been contending with problems of her own.

 Forced to confront their fractured relationship, the sisters deal with their own shared history while uncovering secrets from their mother’s past and behind the play that bears Ida’s name.

The Other Ida is a wild, exuberant ride – inventive, warm and deeply affecting.” – Beatrice Hitchman


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